Wednesday, 19 December 2007


I can't believe this piss poor performance by Codemasters and Microsoft how fucking hard is it to upload this frickin' game. Looking at a January release I reckon now, what a joke. I'm so angry, Geometry Wars is infuriating and Halo 3, for me, is unsatisfying. So back to GOW where today I got chucked from a game for using the chainsaw what is this world coming to!


Anonymous said...


It's up now! I downloaded it yesterday. The online mode seems to work well more often than not. You do get a few people who quit after the final whistle when they lose so as not to affect their record but such is the nature of these things.

The game itself is still great fun and super quick too!

PaulKeith said...

I've been playing it constantly for days now! Really glad they haven't messed with it too much although i could do with a joystick as the players are a little trickier to control with the xbox pad. anyone for a game? Matt, Rob all get purchasing!