Friday, 5 October 2007

40GB Playstation 3 For Europe But Can Fuck Off

Sony are bringing another Playstation 3 model to our little PAL shores and gamers with little money will be a bit happier.

The 40GB version of the PS3 will launch on October 10th, priced at £299. That's EXACTLY the same price point as the Xbox 360 Elite, fact fans.

HOWEVER, the new model features no backwards compatibility at all. WHAT?! Seeing as the BC on the 80GB model is software emulation, this is hugely confusing. When I read the price, I decided to buy one. When I read THAT I changed my mind again.
After Christmas comes the 20GB model that doesn't feature a console.


Stephen said...

Even stupider, they're lowering the price of the starter pack or whatever it's called to £349, which includes the 60 gig console, two first party games (Motorstorm and Resistance at present), all those ports they decided we didn't need AND backwards compatibility. So effectively you get a fully functioning PS3 and two games for an extra fiddy boo. Who in their right mind would go for the remedial 40 gig version and then splash out £50 on only one game? This is confusing.

Anonymous said...

(follup, still without any kind of account...)

The way I understood it was that the hardware backwards compatability used in the US would be taken out of the 40GB model, but it'd still have the same backwards software emulation that europe's always had. However, something got twisted in the early reporting of the story. One of the few things that'd convince me to get a PS3 right at this moment in time would be my PS2 exploding!

Why do they need to bring out 2/3 different versions of the same console? (see also Microsoft). It just confuses people needlessly.

Anonymous said...

Follup again...

Oh dear, i just read the press release thing confirming no backwards compatability. How stupid! To be honest, if I was to get a PS3 I'd pay the additional 50 pounds to get backwards compatability as that's cheaper than buying a new PS2.

I presume that you'll be able to get a similar starter pack for the £299 version? In virgin they're still selling the PS3 with additional controller and 3 games for £425 which isn't a bad deal.

I'm STILL waiting to see a decent bundle for the 360 before I buy one. Virgin has Xbox + extra controller + 2 games for £283 which would be ace except one of the games is forza and i'm sure i'd never actually play it.

Bronson said...

I got my PS3 through the Virgin deal, it's clealry the best on the market at present time because all the other deals force you to get shit games, whereas the VIrgin one allows you to get hold of Ninja Gaiden Sigma which is truly fucking brilliant.

I think what Sony are planning is to just put the PS2 emulation software on PSN and let people download it from there. SURELY the reason that next-gen console sales haven't exactly boomed is because there's a vast swathe of PS2 owners out there that are loathed to go for a great console but not be able to take their back catalogue with them (360) or to fork out a lot more money for a console that CAN play their old games, but hasn't had it's true big gun titles hit properly yet? (PS3)? If Sony really are not letting the emulator available to the lower spec one, they're idiots.

But hey, I bit and paid for mine already, I can say a lot of things from my lofty tower (hello down there!)