Monday, 20 August 2007

European Xbox 360 Price Cut

FINALLY, Microsoft have seen it fit to bring down the price of the Xbox 360 in Europe to coincide with the launch of the Xbox 360 Elite.

From Friday (that's the 24th of August, folks), the Xbox 360 Premium Pack will have an RRP of £249.99 and the Core model (if you're INSANE) will be dropped to £179.99, presumably to match the price of the Nintendo Wii.

The Elite will be available for all your HDMI needs as of Friday 24th of August too, priced at £299.99. That's a lot cheaper than I anticipated to be honest. It's only fifty quid more expensive than the Premium Pack and with that you get an 120gb Hard drive and an HDMI socket. I've also heard that they've got pretty quiet these days, which is good seeing as my launch day console sounds like an F-16 fighter jet unless I turn the volume up really high.

Now CERTAINLY is the time to buy your 360 if you don't already have one.