Monday, 20 August 2007

Ubisoft Imagine Some Shit Games


Ubisoft are launching a series of DS games aimed at girls aged 6-14. As far as Imagine Babies is concerned, I'm just going to copy and paste the description here...

  • Take care of 6 babies (one after the other), each with a distinctive character. Prepare their bottle and baby food in the kitchen, check on the amount of food in stock and buy the right food according to their needs. Rock the babies in a cradle, put on the soothing radio or move the mobile to help them sleep or to calm them down. Change their nappies to keep them clean, keep an eye on their health and dress them up with different clothes
  • Entertain the babies - Play with them and their toys, play music to make them dance and take them into the garden to play on swings and other garden toys.
  • Exchange information, photos and clothing with other players through Wi-Fi.
  • Keep the house clean - Use fun mini-games to create a welcoming home for the babies: wash up, clean and vacuum, paint the walls, mow the grass, trim hedges and drive away spiders!
  • Make the house to your own taste - Use the money you earn and the vouchers you receive in succeeding in your missions - buy items at the shops to decorate the house.

Whatthefuck!? OF COURSE, what young girls like, these days, is looking after babies, cleaning the house and driving away spiders...

Coming too are Imagine Happy Cooking, Imagine Pet Vet and Imagine Fashion Designer. ARGH. :-(