Sunday, 26 August 2007

Medal of Honor: Airborne Demo Imprssions

Medal of Honor: Airborne could be the best game in the world. It could revolutionise FPS's and have the best multiplayer mode since Halo 2.

Unfortunately, I STILL wouldn't give a shit, because I'm SO fucking bored of World War 2 games. By my count, there has been TWELVE Medal of Honor games since 1999. Not to mention the Call of Duty games, the Brother In Arms series, the Day of Defeat games, Hidden and Dangerous, the Wolfenstein games, Battlefield 1942, etc etc...

TWELVE MEDAL OF HONORS! The first one was alright, but it WAS on the Playstation which pretty much only had about two FPS games. So that's ok. I've got HUGE respect for Call of Duty for finally moving to a different theme for their new (and undoubtedly brilliant) game in the series. Wolfenstein returned after nearly ten years, but gave us zombies and black magic. Battlefield went all modern combat and it was ACE.

Why is EA's latest gimmick Parachuting? It's dull as fuck, guys. I've got Call of Duty 3 if I want to shoot Nazis.

If I want to be devils advocate, I'd say that the game looks good, and the enemy AI is really impressive. The Nazi soldiers are RUTHLESS and frequently catch you and your NPC team-mates off guard with a melee attack to the face.

But that doesn't matter. I'm bored of World War 2 and just want to play Bioshock.