Tuesday, 11 September 2007

And Now Some (possibly) Good Wii News

Matt is right, we've all become a little disillusioned with the Wii and it's recent lack of good games. I like mini games for about 20 mins, and I'm sick of waving a stick as a replacement for pressing a button.

However, I will gladly take back my frustration and welcome the little whore back into my life when I can finally do the one thing that first made me realise the potential of the Wii.

I want to swing about a god damn light sabre!

And now the ace Lego Star Wars is coming out on the Wii in November with Lucasarts hinting that they are developing other Star Wiirs titles (see what I did there? I'm going to copyright that before everyone starts using it).

Deep Joy!

Still, I hope they come out with another shit bit of plastic to clip onto the end of the Wiimote to make it look like a sabre! They could bundle in some piece of shit minigame series where you go stabbing up Banthas too.

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