Saturday, 22 September 2007

Is This The Top10 2D Shooters Of All Time?


I ask because I STRONGLY DISAGREE. 2D shoot-em-ups are my all-time favourite type of game. I have spent far too much money and far too much time playing them. Screwattack's top10s are always great to watch online. They're fun, nostalgic, and just damn good entertainment. But this one is SO wrong that I just had to pick up on it and see if I'm the only one that feels this way! This is their's:

*****SPOILERS***** Watch the link if you want them slowly revealed to you.

01- UN Squadron
02- Ikaruga
03- Gradius
04- Super R-Type
05- Galaga
06- Axelay
07- Asteroids
08- 1943
09- Raptor
10- Xevious

Now THIS is mine:

01- R-Type Final
02- Axelay
03- Xenon II- Megablast
04- Parodius
05- Space Invaders
06- Pop N'Twinbee
07- Defender
08- Zero Wing
09- Raptor
10- Ikaruga

C'mon, they didn't even have Space Invaders in there, the daddy! OR Xenon II! But R-Type is clearly the best shooter of all time. It's just absolutely perfect in every way. I had UN Squadron, and it was damn good, but the best ever? Nah. Thoughts?

(by the way, I left out 2D platform shooters as they appeared to as well, otherwise Zombies Ate My Neighbours would be No.1)


Bibamatt said...

R-Type FTW, definitely. I'm a big 1943 fan, too!

What about Geometry Wars? Or Fantasy Zone!? I bloody love that game.

It's weird that 'ground-based' shooters aren't included. Metal Slug , Super Contra, etc are only different in the fact that you don't fly in them!

Bronson said...

Yeah, I wanted to include Smash TV, but because they'd left out those types of shooter I thought better of it. 'Zombies....' is still probably my favourite game of all time, that would be in there, as would Super Probotector, Battle Unit Zeoth, Cybernator, damn I could do a top 10 just for those!

Bibamatt said...

Maybe you should? :-p

It's hard to decide where one genre ends and another starts, sometimes, though. Like Metal Slug is as close to Mega Man as it is to R-Type, but I'd consider Mega Man a platform game. Even though the platforming is COMPLETELY overshadowed by the shooting of robots.


dandandan said...
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dandandan said...

Kudos on the pop'n twinbee, I've spent the week reading up on the series here and I'll never forget the copy of Mean Machines I bought from John Menzies that had U.N. Squadron on the cover. One of the best magazines ever.

Bronson said...


Anonymous said...

Gunstar Heroes.

I win

Josh said...

my list:
1. Life Force
2. 1942
3. Gradius
4. Raiden 2
5. Xevious
6. Alpha Mission
7. Silver Surfer
8. Galaga
9. Space Invaders
10. Astroids

John said...

OMG, no Radiant Silvergun? 0_o

Sebastián said...

PARODIUS SAGA!!!, and where the hell is gigawing, blazing star, last resort, sonic wings, darius, 1942!!! those screwattack guys don´t know crap, oh, and for all who are wondering about super contra, metal slug or gunstar heroes, that´s another genre, a shooter is a flying anything, shooting at things, don´t get me wrong I adore contra and metal slug, but those are plattform shooters, a complete diferent thing, cheers to all!!!