Monday, 10 September 2007

Link's Crossbow Training Sounds Shit

I HATE to write more negative stuff about Nintendo and the Wii in particular. But I just can't remain silent any longer... It's getting painful. Painfully embarrassing.

Nintendo are set to unload another double-barrelled shell of shitness on November 19th.

The new Wii Zapper, pictured, is basically a piece of plastic to slot your wiimote and nunchuk into. Nothing more. It doesn't come with a wiimote. It's just the plastic shell to put them into. And it's "only" $19.99. So probably twenty quid, then. You, obviously, don't need it, as you could just use the controllers without the zapper shell. But anyway, that's only one portion of shit.

Instead of making real games like they used to, Nintendo have decided to bundle the Wii Zapper with Link's Crossbow Training. It sound's shit already, doesn't it? I can't even by arsed to write about it. It's basically a selection of *yawn* mini games centred around the world of *yawn* Twilight Princess. You shoot *YAWN* targets and the like and it's all loads of fun. Except it probably isn't after about ten minutes. I've been playing lightgun games since the NES. It's about as revolutionary as the Game Genie.

Fuck off, Nintendo. Make some GAMES again, please. And re-packaging cancelled Gamecube games don't count. Until then, fuck off.


Anonymous said...

I think the game and zapper sound great and you sound like a dumbass.

Bibamatt said...


Anonymous said...

You need to chill out,
it's just packaged to show off its uses and its not like the game costs $50...

and stop yawning