Friday, 28 September 2007

Sin and Punishment FINALLY Gets UK Release But Can Fuck Off

Legendary N64 on-rails shooter, Sin and Punishment is FINALLY making it's way to PAL territories with it's release on the Virtual Console this week. Made by Treasure in 2000, the game was originally only made available in Japan. This is good news for Wii fans!

What ISN'T good news, is that Nintendo have bumped up the price to 1200 Wii points (between £8.50 and £12.00 depending on how much you pay for your Wii Points card) thus raping my wallet. This price is unheard of so far on the Virtual Console and is, to be fair, shit.


Oh yeah, a reminder, too. Mario Bros. The Lost Levels is still available on the PAL Virtual Console until October 1st, when it'll be gone forever! This also never had a PAL release, so is pretty special. Again, it's over-priced, coming in at 100 points more than every other NES release, though, so I probably wouldn't bother.

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