Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Dutch Importastic!

As i am sure many of you saw recently, much was made over the BBFC deciding Manhunt 2 was just "a bit nasty", and should not be given a release.

Which then inevitably led to most the UK based tramps bum wad tabloids claiming computer games touch you in your sleep.

However, in a bout of pure brilliance, Rockstar have been advised by the Netherlands body of such things that they can released what ever they want, since in Clogland, they do not have a law which enables them to outright ban a game, unless it contains illegal material. Which in itself would be pretty incredible since fucking an animal in Holland in return for Euros seems pretty much a given part of a "lads weekend".

Apparently Rockstar have "no plans" to release an uncut version... since they have spent quite a while putting a smiley face on the soon to be released US version.

This will more than likely change when someone realises that people have the ability to make their own decisions.

(2 posts in 1 day? i must be off work)

I blame Marilyn Manson.