Thursday, 20 September 2007

Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday, 20-09-07

Only one new title up on the Xbox Live Marketplace this week, but it's certainly nice to see some original content, rather than more re-releases. Geon: Emotions is available to download now, priced 800 Microsoft points.

At first glance, Geon looks like a puzzler, but it's really not. I suppose it's hard to pigeon-hole, but it's an arcade game that's almost a sports game, almost a puzzle game and ALMOST good. The basic idea is to roll your little cube thing around the board, collecting orbs (like Pacman) until you have enough to fill your power meter. When it's full, you can roll over to your opponents goal and score a point. Meanwhile, the other player (AI or human) is trying exactly the same thing, but on the flip-side of the board. It's an interesting idea and certainly works to a degree. It'll sometimes raise the heartbeat seeing as you're playing directly against an opponent, not a time limit as such, but for the most part, it's fairly boring. You have a range of powers to unleash at certain points in the match, but they kind of add confusion to a seemingly simple game.

It looks pretty, and it's refreshing to see new content on the marketplace, but there's other arcade games that are far more worthy of your money. The trial is worth a blast but, for me, it didn't get the emotions going.


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