Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Greatest Game Franchise Ever™: New Bosses Unveiled

Many people love the Final Fantasy games with a passion.

Others religiously buy each and every version of Pro-Evo.

Some can guide you through start to finish of every Resident Evil game in turn.

I worship at the altar of Solid Snake. I heart Metal Gear.

So therefore I'm going to be posting regular updates on the Greatest Game Franchise Ever™. Hell, it's pretty much the sole reason I bought a PS3. That and I can't bear to give Bill Gates my money. And here's one that's actually a week or so old, but was chronically unreported on this blog (Matt, go sit in the corner and think about what you've done...).

So Hideo Kojima has been keeping the traditionally, er, 'eccentric' bosses secret up until now for MGS4, with only Liquid Ocelot confirmed to be a) in it, and b) definitely a baddie. There's loads of rumours doing the rounds at the moment that Raiden may actually be carrying on the work of the La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo as well as obviously taking on the mantle of the Cyborg Ninja and looking generally badass. This means that due to his fight with Vamp in the trailers that Vamp could be a good guy in this one or at least acting under his own rules, and then Eva's back but 70 years old, and... oh, you all seem to have scrolled down past this bit. I'll shut up now.

But ANYWAY, Kojima recently revealed the all-new bad guys for MGS4. Or should I say bad girls? No, that makes me think of a sub-par Drew Barrymore film. So the world has said Konichi-wa to the Beauty and the Beast unit, 4 supermodels who have been scarred by the horrors of war and now go around in cybernetic BDSM costumes killing helpless minority groups. There names are all linked to some of their FOXHOUND forebears from MGS1. There's Raging Raven (instead of Vulcan Raven), Screaming Mantis (Psycho Mantis), Crying Wolf (Sniper Wolf), as well as Laughing Octopus (Decoy Octopus). Mantis and Octopus are jointly my favourites already, just for looking the weirdest. But I like how they tie into the first MGS game, with the codename mantels being passed down.

You can see images of the entire unit over at IGN (like the one above) or in the HD trailer.

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Bibamatt said...

Amazing! I hadn't really looked into the bosses. I'm HELLA getting a PS3 for this game. The first MGS PROBABLY has my favourite selection of bosses ever...