Saturday, 22 September 2007

What's With All The Quiz Shit?


Who the fuck is buying all the quiz games? Not content with raping the DVD market with awful DVD Quizzes, developers are now setting their evil eyes on the videogames market and it's fucking embarrassing.

We've already had Buzz! and it's EIGHT sequels. EIGHT. Now we've got Scene-It and, worst of all, Cheggers Party Quiz for the Playstation 2, PC and Nintendo Wii (pictured). Here's the press release...

"Guaranteed to have something for everyone - much like its devilishly dishy host - Cheggers’ Party Quiz is jam-packed with thousands of entertainment questions, all brought into your front room by the eternally ebullient host, Keith Chegwin.

Challenging quiz and party game fans to Party with Cheggers this Christmas, Cheggers’ Party Quiz is the most wonderfully wacky party quiz to hit consoles yet."

Oh, fuck off.

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