Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Following On...

After all the talk of Puzzle Fighter, and the fact i can feel my mind disappearing more each day that passes, i figured i would maybe look for some puzzle based action to improve my "brain age" or something equally buzzwordy.

The most eagle eyed of you will see the above image and think "ha, what a tool, he's put up the psp boxart". This however is true, i DO own a psp, im that guy.


Despite cacking myself with excitment of seeing Capcom Puzzle World for less than £17 on play.com, and the fact i could picture myself playing Puzzle Fighter Turbo while having a nice relaxing poop, it does appear that the game is having compatibility issues with the latest firmware from Sony.

For those who don't know, Sony require these updates to be performed to play the latest releases, so they in turn can patch up any weaknesses that allow pretty rubbish hacks (that allow 15 year olds make their psp into a shrine for soft-core porn), or some pretty decent homebrew apps.

I figured i would do a little Sherlock, and in turn found an amazingly accurate quote from Capcom saying a fix will be released "soon".

Presumably Mr Capcom said that while rolling around naked in a big pile of yen.


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Bibamatt said...


I'll be getting a PSP slim thing. :-)